Solid Piece’s Only Please!

Solid Piece’s Only Please!

Solid clothing me please! Anyone else love to be basic but make it fashion? I mean like truly love making getting dressed easy.


So do we.  Studio Plus literally was created to assist plus size women with making getting dressed the easiest task (check out our website here).


We live for solids and pairing items with what we already have in our closet to wear over and over.  Can you say on repeat?!


Here are a few solid clothing outfits from plus size influencers that we love.  Follow, comment, and get to know them.  We promise you’ll grow to love them just like we do.

Tajuana Blackmon aka Tee Run The World looks so good right?! This red flowy dress is so perfect on her skin.  Like obsessed! Follow her for more fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

Apple shaped women are stepping out. As they should. Shanika is not afraid to step out of the norm for her body type and wear pieces some may say are “not flattering”.  But let’s face it, it’s not up to others to decide what we feel beautiful in. Check her instagram for links.

Plus size women wearing faux leather?! Serve us, please.  This dress screams basic but make it fashion.  Casey, we Stan.


Sarah Rae - Black two piece skirt set 

A simple two-piece, I think yes! Sarah Rae looks amazing.  Who could argue that? And I don’t know about you but I love black.  That makes me want to add to my cart even more.

 Erica - Basic Jeans and Black Top

Literally the most basic outfit that you can style so many ways.  Let’s go through some together:

-Adding a jacket, cardigan, or blazer

-A simple or statement bag

-Wearing sneakers or sandals instead of heels.  Depending on the jeans one could even wear boots.


Shop more solid basic’s for plus size women at

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